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We're a small company making  specialty raw food for your furry carnivores.  We're all about quality over quantity and keeping it simple.  We’re also the only raw pet food company using Non BPA /BSA  containers keeping our food (and earth) free from petroleum & plastic toxins.  There's much to see here so take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about our wholesome raw food and why it’s important to feed your pet their nature intended diet. 

Our Collection

Our entire collection is appropriate for all life stages. Our "feasts" are crafted to help restore and maintain your carnivore's body to its intended natural state of health and exceed the Daily nutritional standards of AFFCO

Why do Pet Parents Love our Raw Feasts? For the Awesome Results!

Just Thaw, Open and Serve

In only a few weeks of feeding our raw feasts, you‘ll watch your pet make incredible transformations.  Brighter clearer eyes,  softer luxurious coat, smaller odorless stools, reduced allergies and skin issues, stronger immune system and a friskier attitude. Behavioral problems are often corrected with a healthy raw diet as well. 

Raw prey is your meat eating pet's natural diet and is necessary to avoid health issues. When wild cats and dogs were domesticated their digestive system did Not change. They were naturally raw prey eaters then, and still are today.  When you feed them Nourished Pet, you are closely mimicking their natural wild diet without the beastly chore of making it yourself. Simply thaw, open, serve and relax

Additionally, your pets will require less raw food compared to kibble or cooked food while receiving a much higher level of nutrition.  Healthy and cost effective!

We use quality USDA inspected meat (mostly Organic raised for humans) safely blended into nourishing feasts. Our kitchen is FDA and CDFA approved and inspected regularly. 

When you feed our whole animal diet, your dogs, ferrets and cats have the ability to produce their own antioxidants. Whole animal carcasses support this with nutrients like vitamins A, C, E, and the minerals copper, zinc and selenium. No supplements needed. We use fresh/frozen organ meat, organic pasture raised egg yolks and wild caught quality raw sardines for added vitamins, minerals and essential omega 3 fatty acids. We feel this is much better and safer than using vitamin packs made in a lab from a foreign country like other brands.  We use fermented raw goat milk whey for natural enzymes, added protein and living probiotics in most of our blends.

Making our food by hand in small batches also allows us to keep the raw ingredients at a safe cold temperature to assure freshness before they are quickly frozen.  Our Real food, without fillers, as nature intended, provides the nutrition their body's are designed for.  You should never have to "decode" the ingredient list on your pets food. 

No preservatives, synthetic vitamin packs, HPP processing, steroids, potatoes, rice, grains, antibiotics, added hormones or garden vegetables.   When you want only the best for your pets...feed them Nourished Pet Raw Food.


A dab of our pure health

Wholesome Raw Meat, Organs and Marrow filled Bones 

Real Food-No Substitutes-All The Essentials 

Ann Wigmore
Feed our Feasts and support your pets immune system. Have Healthy Happy Thriving pets!

 "Ann Wigmore"

Feed our raw food and support your pets immune system as nature intended.  A strong immune system will fight off disease and keep your pets healthy

Safe Eco Friendly Containers

Our eco containers are lined with safe PLA instead of petroleum based substances. It makes perfect sense to avoid contamination from plastic chemicals such as BSA and BPA leaching into your pets food.  It would be a shame to contaminate the food with chemicals after we put such hard work into making it so healthy. Plastic has many good uses...just not touching our food or polluting our oceans. Staying Eco friendly to our planet is also very important to us.

Remember Not all Raw Food is Alike


Which food do you want your pet eating?

Another Popular Brand of Turkey

Why is their raw food brown? Make sure you know exactly what's in your pets food. 

Or Nourished Pet Raw Turkey on the right?

Simply Fresh Raw Meat, Organs and Bones quickly frozen to maintain its natural nutrients 

Be cautious of "generally" labeled ingredients

When you're choosing a food for your pet you want the ingredients to be listed specifically and not generalized words like "poultry" or "organs".  Many animals have sensitivity's. They could have a problem with chicken but not with turkey or beef but not with lamb. If the label is not specific with the ingredients you could unknowingly be feeding your pet something it has a sensitivity to and that can be very risky to its health.


Raw Bones+Meat Chunks+Living Greens

A Major Component for Optimal Health and Harmony

RAW MEATY BONES & CHUNKS OF MEAT:  These are a great alternative to garden vegetables and are super healthy for their teeth, gums, jaws and digestive system. Only raw and never cooked, smoked or left in the sun to bake. Not too small so they could swallow it whole and not too big that they are overwhelmed by it.  When your pet is new to a raw food diet, hold off a week or more until they have been fully transitioned to raw food before giving them bones. This way their system has time to  "get their wild back" to digest and absorb nutrients properly. Bones with marrow have a large amount of fat (good fat) which could take a week or so for their digestive system to adjust to.

When it comes to bones remember size matters. Please fit the bone to the pet. Chicken, duck and turkey necks along with whole quail and rabbit ribs are good for cats and most all dogs (not gulpers) where larger (non-weight bearing) bones of lamb and goat are good for larger dogs. Weight bearing bones of large prey are not a good choice because they are too dense and have no nutrition. Never leave your pets alone with bones.  It will get gooey and messy so provide a washable mat away from your nice carpet or outside in a (non pesticide treated) grass and dirt area. There are many beneficial probiotics in the grass and dirt they can also absorb.

When you supplement their diet with  vegetables and fruit, we highly recommend fermented or feeding them in a separate meal from our raw food so they absorb all of the nutrients from the raw meat, organ and bones properly.  Only lightly fermented greens & vegetables will be received by the digestive system as beneficial and supply additional good bacteria. Similar to in the wild where they would probably get a small amount from the prey animals stomach contents.

LIVING GREENS: Munching on grass is very beneficial and necessary. There is a big difference between vegetation and garden vegetables. Vegetation like grass is filled with chlorophyll and natural plant enzymes that are absorbable nutrients where garden vegetables are starch and carbohydrates which are treated like sugar in your pets body. Carnivores have a short digestive system (unlike humans) and the garden vegetables do not have time to ferment.  Please provide your pets regular access to organic living-growing grasses, greens and sprouts to nibble at their leisure for a natural balance. It's important the greens provided are free from pesticides (especially glyphosate) or chemical fertilizers. 

WATER: Always provide your pets with fresh spring or filtered water. Avoid any fluoride and chlorine treated water. You may notice with a raw diet they typically drink less water and in turn your dogs will slobber less. That's a great benefit when you have a big dog like a Mastiff!  Wash and rinse their water bowls regularly.

BENTONITE CLAY: Clay is a great detox as well as a natural mineral supplement for your pets. Animals are seen eating it, bathing in it and rolling in it at their watering holes in the wild. Its been known to clean and detox along with providing many minerals needed for digestion and nutrition. We give our pets clay occasionally by sprinkling it on their food with a pepper shaker. We always add water and mix it in good so there is no chance of them inhaling it into their lungs. Not all clay is created equal so make sure you give them only pure clay from a reputable source. Redmond Clay works for us. On occasion, we will give our pet a small amount of activated charcoal to help detox. Keep in mind, charcoal will also remove nutrients.

Remember, your pet might not be a wolf or a cougar but its teeth, gums and digestive system are still the same and require a natural raw animal protein diet for optimal health to fight off disease.

Why do wild animals leave these bones behind?

Animals in the wild typically leave the back bone, pelvic bones and the rib bones because of the lack of nutrition and difficulty eating them. The risk of breaking a tooth is not worth it.  These bones are often used in the pet food industry because they are cheap. If your pet food is made with backs and ribs you could be providing them with empty calories and a low quality food. If the food is cheap check with the company to see what parts of the prey animal they are using.  Make sure the bones they use are filled with healthy marrow and fat. You want your pets eating healthy nutritious food. Not the leftovers wild carnivores toss to the side.

Do You Want Medicine in Your Pets Everyday Food?

Absolutely Not!  We never include medicine in our food even though many other pet food company's do, then call it super food. Nourished Pet Raw Food mimics a natural wild diet using quality raw animal ingredients. Raw Meat, Organs and Bone are their natural super foods! We save the Pumpkin, Honey, Coconut oil and others to be used as medicine when medicine is occasionally needed. Not as everyday food and risk the possibility of building up a resistance to their powerful medicinal properties. 

Take pumpkin for instance. It's the magical fruit that alleviates constipation or diarrhea!  Pretty cool huh? Or coconut oil that heals skin conditions, minor injuries and can be used as an occasional supplement. Its filled with antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties to correct many issues. We at Nourished Pet recognize the benefits of natural medicine and remedies but certainly don't want your pets eating medicine everyday if it's not needed. Treat your pets as individuals and occasionally supplement each animal as an individual for a much better solution.  Remember to rotate their protein source (turkey, rabbit etc.) for a better nutritional balance and stronger immune system.





Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace....Albert Schweitzer

We at Nourished Pet envision a world where all domestic animals are eating species appropriate raw diets (never kibble) and living healthy happy disease free lives. We believe that all animals have the right to live free from pain and suffering caused from a highly processed commercial diet. Thanks to the numerous articles and education from highly respected Veterinarians, Dr. Lisa A. Pierson, and Dr. Karen Becker (and others) along with years of our own research we have learned that proper nutrition is the foundation for excellent health. It is also the best preventive medicine we can offer our animals. The further a species abandons natures intended diet, the more health problems are likely to develop. Hippocrates taught that  All Disease's Begin in the Gut. Feeding a proper raw diet will maintain good gut health and keep their immune system strong. Nourished Pet adheres to the basics and closely imitates a natural wild prey diet of raw uncontaminated quality animal meat, organ and bone. We do this while also respecting the animals by utilizing humanely raised animals. 

We are thrilled to pass on the knowledge we have learned on this life long journey of the necessity of a natural prey based raw diet for all carnivores. We also honor our precious planet by leaving the lightest possible ecological footprint with our eco friendly compostable containers.  Offering your pets our unsurpassed nutrient dense raw feasts without contamination from petroleum based containers is the best gift you can give them. 


How Nourished Pet was Born

Our Founder Brynn, formerly known as Elly May Clampett

Her family nicknamed her Elly May when she was a child because she often surrounded herself with animals.  She drove her parents nuts with all the animals that “followed” her home. Saving wild injured and abandoned animals or just enjoying her domestic pets was how she spent a lot of her childhood. She learned at an early age how to quickly heal animals with natural methods and got plenty of hands on experience. Not much has changed in all these years. She still cares for and helps as many less fortunate animals as possible everyday. And now she can help you help your pets thrive as well!

She began making home made raw food for her cats and dogs several years back because of increased vet visits. Her senior cat developed allergies and other health issues for no apparent reason. Vet visits were becoming more frequent and quite expensive getting steroid injections, yeast meds, ear cleanings etc. (Not to mention the time off work and stress dragging them to the vet) She started thinking about their family pets when she was a child and remembered they were never sick or needed vet attention. They were always healthy and lived to ripe old ages. That's when it hit her that her parents fed them mostly raw meat, organs and bones along with some canned food just like the wild animals she had rescued. She immediately started researching and found Dr. Lisa Pierson and Dr. Karen Becker's websites and articles on the subject. (among others) What a wealth of knowledge these Veterinarians provided her! With that she was off and running making raw food for her pets. Within a very short amount of time, her older cat didn't need injections or meds and was playing around like a kitten again. All of her pets were thriving and still are today. After much research, trial and error, she created several nutritious prey model feasts that have kept her animals extremely healthy and happy for years now.  She is so thrilled to have opened Nourished Pet Raw Food and able to share a collection of her unsurpassed healthy feasts with all of you. She is fully dedicated to keeping her customers informed and helping domestic carnivores avoid disease often caused by today's commercial foods. 

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We are a Small Company Making Healthy Cuisine for the Pets of Health Conscience Pet Parents. You can find our nutrient packed food in some local Farmers Markets and soon we will have the store opened on this site.  

For several years we have been producing raw food for our pets with such great results we wanted to share them and let your pets receive the awesome health benefits too. Won't it be great to reduce trips to the vet and the dreadful costs? Your pets will thank you too! 

Nourished Pet

Oceanside, California, United States